Welcome to Koç University School of Medicine…

Prof.Dr. Şevket RuacanAs one of the newest schools of medicine in Turkey, we started our first academic year in 2010 – 2011. We aim to become a school of medicine that adopts contemporary medical practices based on research and science with Koç University's dynamic and innovative principles of education. Our objective is to train the students of Koç University School of Medicine as doctors, who are concerned with the health problems of the 21st century and who can generate medical solutions under the guidance of science.

The graduates of Koç University School of Medicine will be doctors who;

  • know the society in which they live and also sensitive to the global health issues,
  • can communicate with the national and international world of science,
  • follow the developments in science closely, and contribute to global health through research,
  • are equipped with the latest scientific capabilities, teamwork skills, leadership qualities and ethical awareness.

Our students will be provided with the opportunity to observe different health problems of our society at various health institutions along with the modern Koç University Hospital  in Topkapı. Koç University School of Medicine will be an institution of science and health that will serve contemporary medicine with its unique educational approach.

Professor Şevket RUACAN
Founding Dean




Prof. Dr. Şevket Rucan " Tıp Bayramı ve Beyaz                          Prof. Dr. Şevket Ruacan "Tıp Bayramı ve Beyaz 

Önlük Giyme Töreni" 13 Mart 2015                                               Önlük Giyme Töreni "14 Mart 2012