Medical Student Association (KUMSA)


Koç University Medical Students Association

KUMSA is a student association that aims to create the most productive environment in which our students can develop themselves in every field, represent and support them in the best way possible on every platform. The association includes 9 sub-groups established by Koç University School of Medicine students.

Participating in conferences on national and international platforms and representing Koç University School of Medicine in these platforms,

Producing ideas and projects that will contribute to medical education

Contributing to the formation and evaluation of the curriculum,

Participating and having a say in the activities of medical student societies,

Organizing scientific and social activities for medical students,

Organizing activities to increase awareness in the area of health,

Conducting and promoting research projects

Providing communication between the University, Dean’s Office and medical students

Conveying the requests and complaints of medical students to the University and the Dean’s Office

KUMSA bylaw, covers the principles regarding the organization, functioning, duties and responsibilities of the Koç University Medical Students’ Association. KUMSA operates under Koç University Dean of Students and Dean’s Office of Koç University School of Medicine.

To reach the KUMSA Bylaw, please click the link below.



(European Medical Student Association-Koç University)


(Koç University – Local Committee of Turkish Medical Students’ International Committee)


(Koç University School of Medicine’s Committee of Social Events)


(Koç University – Surgical Interest Group)


(Koç University – Child and Adolescent Life and Mental Health Association)


(Koç University – Student Interest Group in Neurology)


(Koç University – Medicine in Motion)


(Koç University – Health Humanities and Art)


(Koç University Specialty In Medicine)