Hippocratic Oath and Ethical Approach

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Oath for Medical Professionals

Now that I am becoming a member of the Medical Profession, I devote myself to a path of humanity,

I will protect reputation and traditions of the medical field whole heartedly,

I will dignify and show esteem and regard human’s life farthermost,

I will respect and protect my learnings and colleagues forever,

I will practice my profession with dignity and necessary sense of conscience,

I will regard public and individual patient’s health and wellbeing as my primary duty,

I will not allow age, gender, illness or disability, language, belief, ethnicity, race, nationality, political view, sexual orientation, social class, and/or any other facet meddle between my obligation and my patient,

I will inform my patients adequately and candidly about his/her infirmity and vitality so as to make decisions on his/her free will about the path of treatment to be taken and I will honor the outcome,

I will not use my medical knowledge against humanitarian values and statues even if under constraint,

Resolutely, freely, upon my honor, I pledge.

Koç University School of Medicine’s
codes of ethics and conduct

As a member of the school of medicine of Koç University, I promise;

During the examinations of all types and forms I will not copy from others’ papers, written documents, and/or electronic sources and I will not allow any other person to do so either,

I will not plagiarize,

I will respect Koç University and the School of Medicine’s outstanding principles through all my actions and deeds,

I will do my best to make others behave in an appropriate manner suited to Koç University and the School of Medicine’s norms and standards.