(Koç University Medicine in Motion)

Medicine in Motion is a nonprofit organization founded in 2017 by Harvard Medical School students. Its purpose is to support the physical and mental health of medical students through exercise, to build community and to collect donations to various non-governmental organizations through the sports activities it organizes. We represent our university internationally by participating in this movement under the name of KUMiM.

As KUMiM, we organize activities that will encourage students at our university, especially medical students, to lead an active lifestyle. Among them are online and face-to-face workouts, fundraising runs, cycling and swimming races and activities such as tennis, volleyball and football tournaments. We believe these activities will help reduce the stress of studying at medical school. We also aim to fund various NGOs and research projects by organizing large-scale sports events.

We hope that this subgroup will provide a useful environment to encourage the exchange of ideas among students interested in sports physiology, health and research. We welcome everyone interested in these areas to our group and to all our events!

To learn more about the Medicine in Motion community: https://medmotion.org/