(Koç University Specialty In Medicine)

They are responsible for the operation within and outside the association, maintain the order of the community during the year and intervene in any malfunctions. They are primarily responsible for the coordinated and harmonious work of the responsible individuals in the association throughout the working period. They are responsible for assembling the Board of Directors when necessary and ensuring that all Board of Directors’ members are informed about the functioning of the association. They ensure the communication between the Dean’s Office and its sub-groups and the representation of Koç University School of Medicine students at the Dean’s level, and convey their requests and complaints to the Dean’s Office. They conduct the budget negotiations with the Dean’s Office together with the Financial Coordinator. They approve the budget requests of the activities in cases where the activity is carried out in parallel with KUMSA principles and the Board of Directors does not object.

We are looking forward to seeing you as a member of our growing family in the new term. May the Blue Spirit of EMSA be with you!