(Koç University Surgical Interest Group)

Koç University Surgical Interest Community (KUSIG) is a student community that organizes gatherings to help KUSoM students discover their interests in surgical departments, encourage clinical and translational research, improve the surgical practical training of students through clinical skills workshops, to create a solid mentor-mentee relationship between the students and the academic staff specialized in surgical sciences and to discuss the current developments in surgical areas of medicine.

For this purpose, KUSIG arranges forums conducted by the surgeons of our faculty within the framework of a theme chosen by them, practical skills labs focusing on a specific clinical field, socialization meetings organized to introduce the students interested in surgery, to our board of directors and to surgeons, and hospital trips to help students get accustomed to KUH and its surgical departments especially for those who are studying basic medical sciences.

As the new board of directors of KUSIG, this year, besides these activities, we would also like to arrange film and series analyses together with the surgeons and the other student communities of our faculty, socialization meetings with the surgical assistants previously graduated from our faculty, and informative seminars on how to specialize in surgical fields abroad.

We wish you a healthy and a successful new academic year and hope to see you all in our club events.