Our Vision

With our dynamic, innovative, and liberal approach in medical training, we seek to adopt contemporary medical practices based on research and science; to prioritize the cooperation of medicine with other sciences; to be a leader in education, research, and delivery of healthcare; and to be a leading medical school at national and international level.

Our Mission

We aspire to train physicians who will contribute much to the national and international scientific world with high level basic, clinical, and community-based research; who are to apply up-to-date diagnosis and treatment methods; who have a high level of medical knowledge and behavior skills; who master advanced medical technologies and know the methods of accessing information; who are able to communicate well with colleagues, healthcare professionals, and patients; who are ethically conscious, capable of teamwork and exhibiting leadership qualities; who can recognize the society in which they live and are sensitive to global health problems who closely following developments in science; and who able to provide the highest standards, evidence-based, quality health services to society.