Research Platform

All research programs conducted at the Koç University serve to the same objectives: Making qualified and original contributions to universal science and positively influencing the intellectual, technological, economic, and social development of Türkiye. In line with these objectives, our academic faculty place a big importance to interdisciplinary collaborations and team work in strategic areas besides their individual researches.

At the Koç University, there are 117 laboratories specialized in education and various areas of research, all constantly being developed and equipped to fulfil the needs of the age. All laboratories are open to researchers from all faculties. In addition to these facilities, Koç University Health and Research Center that became operational in September 2014 increased its capacity to 404 single inpatient rooms, 73 intense care units, and 16 operating rooms as of 2018. Koç University Hospital, accommodating various research laboratories, provides a unique opportunity in translational medical research.

Koç University Research Center for Translational Medicine (KUTTAM), a center supported by the Ministry of Development, active since 2017, has become one of the pioneering research and collaboration centers of Türkiye, thanks to the infrastructure and high-quality services enabling interdisciplinary collaborations and university-industry co-researches in the area of health. KUTTAM was founded with the objectives of conducting advanced scientific research on biomedical device production and enabling university-industry cooperation in the production of innovative products and cutting-edge technological medical devices with high-added value in Türkiye.


For detailed information about KUTTAM please visit our website.