(Koç University Child and Adolescent Life and Mental Health Association)

Our aims and methods:

  •  Seminars and film readings were organized and active participation was provided with the participation of our expert lecturers in order to increase the awareness of both ourselves and the society about child and adolescent health.
  • Various dramas, theater plays to make the process of the child and adolescent in the hospital a better-quality process Activities such as film screenings, playing games or music concerts were organized and supported.
  • Training and seminars were organized to improve the ability of our participants to communicate with children and adolescents.
  • Scientific studies were taken under the supervision of our professors to increase our research and article writing skills.
  • We work hand in hand as a team to plan activities that will improve the lives of children with chronic diseases.
  • Various group activities have been planned with the aim of raising the morale of the patients hospitalized throughout the year, making them feel that they are not alone here and socializing among themselves with the ÇABA (Child life program).