Academic Advising

In accordance with our cardinal task of making Koç University the centre of excellence we believe that education is not simply made up of several lectures but it is truly a platform for exchanging and discussing information, data, knowledge and facts. To maximize the levels of these platform like dialogues coping/helping mechanisms have been devised. Academic advising is one of the major coping instruments used throughout the world in principal educational institutions. This system uses the expertise and wisdom of faculty members to help lead the students in their academic path.

Just like in other faculties of Koç University each newcomer is assigned an advisor. During the preparatory and Freshman years the student is guided by this assigned advisor. On the second year of the school of medicine, students are supervised by two advisors.

By consulting regularly their advisors, students will get guidance not only in their academical drift but also through social affairs and episodes. The paramount task of an advisor is to discuss and inform the student about the exam results and the student’s performance. If the outcome of the exam has been unsatisfactory the student is warned. To follow one’s academic performance and progress requires the student to visit and deliberate views with the assigned advisor frequently. Seeking such advice is the student’s responsibility.