Undergraduate Medical Education

Koç University School of Medicine’s contemporary medical practice approach based on science and research reflects a dynamic and innovative conception of education.


Our program of studies focuses on fostering human oriented doctors capable of prepending on 21st century’s health issues and up to work out resolutions to deal with them through scientific know-how.

Koç University’s graduates of the School of Medicine have the means to supply significant contributions to the medical world through establishing national and international communication with the world of science, observing the latest developments in macrocosm of intelligence, as well as a mastery of new medical technology, and handling of therapeutic equipment in addition to the merit of a firm conscious.

School of Medicine’s mode of communication is in English. The first three years of the education is in Rumelifeneri campus and then onwards it continues in Topkapi based Koç University Research and Educational Hospital. Starting from the fourth year of the studies the teaching and training’s concentration shifts to develop clinical skills.

Delivering the latest in the science of patient’s care and treatment, Koç University’s Hospital was built to breed medical doctors, medical support personnel as well as nurses at an international level of expertise. Distinguished as a center for research & clinical education in & out of Türkiye, Koç University hospital is a technologicaly advanced full featured hospital.

In the fourth and fifth years, students are draw into practical educational training by diagnosing and practicing. In the sixth year, students achieve the pre-graduate internship title. They progress towards graduation by going about, taking responsibility of patient’s care invariably heeded by faculty members.