(Koç University School of Medicine’s Committee of Social Events)


Koç University Medicine Events Community (KUTET) organizes activities to enable Koç University School of Medicine students to socialize and spend time together in addition to their academic studies. Since the curriculum and intensity of our faculty is different from other faculties in our school, most of us cannot devote enough time to other social activities on campus. KUTET’s aim is to gather students from all grades to spend time together, to create a social network and to get rid of the stress of our course load. The most important of the activities we organize is our meeting event, which we usually organize in the first weeks at the beginning of the year. Here, we come together as students from the preparatory class to the 6th grade in order to support freshman students in their adaptation process to the campus and medical school and to meet them. Planning different events each year, we aim to prevent being away and disconnected from each other by organizing activities such as picnics, dinner and weekend breakfast, to which we often invite our teachers. On the other hand, we aim to prevent occupational burnout syndrome and to support everyone in our faculty socially, as we are receiving the education of an intensive and serious profession. While organizing our events, there is always a representative from each grade in the organization team and we decide on the place& time of the event together, taking into consideration the dates of our exams. The family atmosphere and the sincerity of our faculty is reinforced with these activities.