Months that the elective will be offered: All around the year



Duration of the Elective: 1 month



Number of students: 1



Prerequisites: None



Location(s): Koç University Hospital










Elective Director: Serhan Tanju



Elective Faculty: Suat Erus



Other specific contacts: Duygu Kaya (Department coordinator)











During Thoracic Surgery Elective, 5th year students attend all routine activities of the Department. Student activities are supervised by the tutors. There are no nightshifts during the elective.



On Thursday students attend weekly Oncology Board Meeting from 7:00 to 8:30. Morning visits start at 8:00, continued by either O.R. or clinics. After a brief introduction to O.R. in the first week, students scrub and attend surgery. Surgeries are often planned several days before. During outpatient clinics, students see patients together with the tutors and discuss every case.



During the elective course, students participate in research activities. They are then encouraged to participate in a research project in which they are interested and continue.








At the end of the elective course, a 5th grade medical student will have a broad understanding of the various activities of the Department of Thoracic Surgery and and understand clinical features of lung cancer, playing role in a surgical decision and general indications of surgery.



Specific objectives are;




… be able to take focused history of a patient with lung cancer



… be able to perform basic physical examination of a patient including inspection, palpation and auscultation.



… be able to analyze chest X-ray and CT scan and to differentiate pleural diseases



… be able to obtain informed consent from a patient for lung resection



… be able to scrub for thoracic surgery appropriately, and assist the draping process



… be able to perform the role of a 2nd assistant during thoracoscopic surgeries



… be able to perform closure of a skin incision performed for surgery, using various techniques



… be able to write the surgical report at the end of the surgery … be able to perform appropriate wound care of an uncomplicated surgical incision








During the elective course, students’ competences such as knowledge, patient care, communication and practice-based learning are observed. Although not graded, feedback on these qualifications is provided consistently.



At the end of the program, students will present a topic and a related case.



“KUSOM Clinical Performance Evaluation Form” is used for reporting.