Duration of the elective: 1 month


Number of students: 1




Location(s): Koç University Hospital







Elective Director: Nil Molinas Mandel


Elective Faculty: Fatih Selcukbiricik, Nil Molinas Mandel


Other specific contacts: Kayhan Erturk







During Medical Oncology Elective, 5th year students attend all routine activities of the Department. Student activities are supervised by the tutors. There are no nightshifts during the elective.



The weekly educational activities in the Medical OncologyClinic are as follows:




On Monday students attend weekly Urooncology tumor board at 07.30-09.00.


On Monday students attend weekly Orthopedic tumor board at 09.30-10.00


On Tuesday students attend weekly Gastrointestinal tumor board at 07.30-09.00.


On Tuesday students attend weekly Breast cancer tumor board at 13.00-14.00.


On Thursday students attend weekly multidisciplanary tumor board at 07.30-09.00.


On Friday students attend weekly Neurooncology session board at 07.00-07.30.


On Friday students attend weekly Gastrointestinal tumor board at 07.30-09.00.


On Friday students attend weekly Gastrointestinal tumor board at 13.30-15.00





Outpatient clinic and chemotherapy units start at 08:00 and end at 18:00. The students meet
the supervising physician every morning. They observe clinical approach procedures in the
related outpatient and actively participate the process of history taking, physical examination,
diagnostic evaluation, and planning the treatment.



Students attend research activities during the elective. They are encouraged to join a research
project that they are interested and carry on after the elective.



Each Wednesday they present a given case and discuss oncological examination, laboratory results, differential diagnosis and treatment.



Students actively participate in the meetings by presenting cases and literature.
Students are encouraged to join a research project and will continue their participation after the elective.



For in-hospital patients, visits start at 08:30. During in-hospital patient visits, students see patients
together with the tutors and discuss every case.







At the end of the elective a 5th year old student will;



to be able to improve fund of knowledge on common oncological conditions including breast cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer.. and how to evaluate and treat patientswith these diagnoses.



to be able to take focused medical history of a patient with oncological disorder



to be able to perform basic examination of a patient



to be able to obtain history from the patient and make differential diagnosis according to



to be able to order and evaluation necessary laboratory tests


to be able to read some radiological imaging such as chest X-ray


to be able to know best approaches for oncological emergencies like febril neutropenia, tumor lysis syndrome…


to be able to follow in patient daily


to be able to know basic treatment strategies for common oncological diseases • to be able to manage oncological emergencies


to be able to discharge report


to be able to participate in the design and implementation of a research project, either clinical
or basic, including interpretation of results and preparation of abstracts and manuscripts


to be able to learn the basic approach to the understanding and interpretation of the literature


to able to choose appropriate diagnostic modalities in patients with oncological diseases







Student’s knowledge, competencies including patient care, communication, professionalism and practice-based learning are observed throughout the elective. Although not graded, feedback on these competencies are provided continuously.



“KUSOM Clinical Performance Evaluation Form” is used for reporting.