Duration of the elective: 1month

Number of students: 2 students

Prerequisites: None

Location(s): Koç University Hospital






Elective Director: O. Meltem Akay

Elective Faculty: Burhan Ferhanoğlu, Ümit Üre, Emre Osmanbaşoğlu







During Hematology Elective, 5th year students attend all routine activities of the Hematology Department. Student activities are supervised by the tutors. There are no nightshifts during the elective.


Students will be expected to attend in-hospital patient morning visits, which are continued by out-patient clinic. During outpatient clinics, students will see patients together with the tutors, will take an active part in history taking, physical examination, laboratory tests ordering and will discuss the differential diagnosis and treatment of each case. Students will also encouraged to attend morning or afternoon visits in bone marrow transplantation unit and see transplantation patients in out-patient clinics.


Educational activities in the Hematology Clinic are as follows:



Monday (7.30-9.00): Hematology Seminars (weekly)


Tuesday (12:30-13:30): Internal Medicine Journal Club (monthly)


Wednesday (7.30-9.00): Mortality-morbidity Meetings (biweekly)


Wednesday (12.15-13.00): Internal Medicine Seminars (weekly)


Wednesday (13:30-14:30): Internal Medicine-Radiology Meetings (weekly)


Thursday (7.30-9.00): Hemato-Pathology Meetings (weekly)



During the elective, students are encouraged to actively participate in the meetings by presenting cases.


Students will observe routine activities in hematology and coagulation laboratory, flow cytometry laboratory and blood center. They will be able to observe invasive procedures including bone marrow aspiration, biopsy, lumbar puncture, etc. performed by tutors.


At the end of the month, they will prepare a case presentation among one of the challenging cases that they followed and discuss physical examination, laboratory results, differential diagnosis and treatment.


During the elective course, students participate in research activities. They are then encouraged to participate in a research project in which they are interested and continue.






At the end of the elective course, a 5th grade medical student will;



– be able to take focused medical history of a patient with hematologic disorder


– be able to perform basic physical examination of a patient including inspection, palpation and auscultation.


– be able to decide which diagnostic tool they are going use in various diseases


– be able to prepare and evaluate peripheral blood smear


– be able to know clinical features, diagnostic modalities and treatment strategies for common hematological diseases like anemia, coagulation disorders, leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and etc.


– be able to choose appropriate blood component for hematology patients in need of transfusion






Student’s knowledge, competencies including patient care, communication, professionalism and practice-based learning are observed throughout the elective. Although not graded, feedback on these competencies are provided continuously.


Students will present a topic and a related case at the end of the elective.


“KUSOM Clinical Performance Evaluation Form” is used for reporting.