Duration of the elective: 1 month


Number of students: 2 students. for each month


Prerequisites: Contact with the director two months prior to the elective


Location(s): Koç University Hospital







Elective Director: Aslı Ercan Doğan


Elective Faculty: Vedat Sar, Kemal Kuscu, Bedirhan Ustun, Hale Yapıcı-Eser, Aslı Ercan Doğan







During Psychiatry Elective, 5th year students attend all routine activities of the Department.



Student activities are supervised by the tutors. There are no night shifts during the elective. They
are expected to participate Psychiatry grand rounds and present an article that is given to them
by the coordinator.



For each specific month that the student will be enrolled to, they will be a given a schedule for
every days’ activities. Student activities may be at the child and adolescent psychiatry department
or at adult psychiatry department. Their main duty will be on consultation liaison activities. They
will interview with the patients that are transplant donors or transplant recipients with the
structured evaluation forms. They will follow the clinical course of previously consulted inpatients.
They will interview with Parkinson’s disease patients evaluated before and after DBS surgery.
Also, they will observe ongoing outpatient activities in the outpatient clinic. At the end of the
month, they will prepare a case presentation among one of the challenging cases that they



Students attend research activities during the elective. They are encouraged to join a research
project that they are interested and carry on after the elective.






Brief: Observe and apply psychiatric practice in a general hospital setting




Specific objectives are:



At the end of the elective a 5th year medical student will have a broad understanding on various
activities of the Psychiatry and related clinical terminology and understand clinical features of
psychiatric disorders, fundamentals of psychopharmacology, and mind-body interaction.




Specific objectives are;



… be able to take focused history of a patient with psychiatric disorder


… be able to perform mental status examination of a patient applying to psychiatry


… be able to assess legal capacity


… be able to manage psychiatric disorders as major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders and
differentiate which patients’ should be referred to psychiatry for further evaluation


… be able to write a report after legal capacity assessment


… be able to interview patients with a medically unexplained symptom appropriately


… be able to diagnose and manage delirium







Student’s knowledge, competencies including patient care, communication, professionalism and
practice-based learning are observed throughout the elective. Although not graded, feedback on
these competencies are provided continuously.



Students will present a topic and a related case at the end of the elective.



“KUSOM Clinical Performance Evaluation Form” is used for reporting.