Basic Information





Duration of the elective: 4 weeks


Number of students: One student per month



Basic textbook knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and pathology of the neurological system.


Basic textbook knowledge of and understands principles of neurologic disease and injury


Location(s): Koç University Hospital








Elective Director: Dr. Goktug Akyoldas ( – 05066892909)


Elective Faculty: Prof. Dr. Selçuk Peker (, Prof. Dr. Ali Fahir Özer, Prof. Dr. Tunç Öktenoğlu, Prof. Dr. Mehdi Sasani, Prof. Dr. İhsan Solaroğlu, Prof. Dr. Özkan Ateş











Four-week elective blocks are available to expose students to a broad spectrum of emergencies, elective operative neurosurgery. Students will participate in clinical activities with the neurosurgery faculty member under supervision, including consultation, non-operative clinical care, diagnostic procedures and surgical interventions. This will provide first-hand opportunity to correlate clinical diagnoses and diagnostic tests with operative pathology. The elective will incorporate a significant exposure to trauma to the nervous system, cerebrovascular disease, neuro-oncology, funtional neurosurgery, Gamma Knife radiosurgery and disorders of the spine.



Students are expected to assist in the management of preoperative, perioperative and postoperative patient care under supervision. The student should also develop fundamental psychosocial skills by observing physician-patient interactions during this rotation.







At the end of the elective a 5th year old student will;




Refinement of neurological examination, investigation and management decisions;



First-hand exposure to neurosurgical emergencies, the spectrum of neurosurgical disorders in an ambulatory population, and a spectrum of elective and semi-elective neurosurgical disorders in hospital;



Exposure to neurosurgical diagnostic and neurosurgical procedures.







Student’s knowledge, competencies including patient care, communication, and practice-based learning are observed throughout the elective.



Students will present a topic or a case at the end of the elective.



“KUSOM Clinical Performance Evaluation Form” is used for reporting.