Duration of the elective: 1 month



Number of students: 1 student



Prerequisites: None



Location(s): Koç University Hospital








Elective Director: Billur Sezgin Kizilok



Elective Faculty: Billur Sezgin Kizilok, Sacit Karademir








The Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery rotation has been designed so that students can further improve on their basic knowledge and ultimately gain skills that will prove to be helpful to them throughout their professional life. This includes, but is not limited to; professionalism, basic surgical skills and medical knowledge. Throughout the training, they will be supervised by mentors.



Students will be expected to be present at the outpatient clinics on time every day and take an active part in history taking and physical examination. They will also be expected to assist outpatient surgical procedures. They will take part in operations conducted by the plastic surgery team and be required to undertake the responsibilites that are given to them.







Brief: professionalism, basic surgical skills and medical knowledge.



Specific objectives are:



1) To develop the ability to independently care for individual patients under the supervision of medical teaching staff



2) To show accountability to the patient and your colleagues



3) To develop practical skills in the field of general plastic surgery



wound closure (suturing, stapler, strips, etc.)



suture removal



wound debridement



wound care



surgical assistance



approach to skin tumors (benign and malignant)



approach to maxillofacial trauma



alternatives in breast reconstruction



alternative methods for reconstruction of soft tissue defects



general concepts in aesthetic surgery




4) To further develop communicative, social and emotional skills



5) To integrate relevant differential diagnoses in your daily routine



6) To develop problem oriented approaches



7) To independently establish an appropriate treatment plan



8) To learn the basics of scientific research and to perform a relevant literature search for a specific topic







Assesment will be conducted with the KUSIS MELC500 system personal evaluation and overall evaluation forms.