Duration of the elective: 1 month


Number of students: 2


Prerequisites: None


Location(s): Koç University Hospital







Elective Director: Prof Dr Oğuzhan Deyneli


Elective Faculty: Prof Dr Dilek Yazıcı, Prof Dr Faruk Alagöl, Uzm Dr Havva Sezer


Other specific contacts: Uzm Dr Seçil Özışık








During Endocrinology & Metabolism Elective Course, 5th year students attend all routine activities of the division which are supervised by the tutors. The clinics are mostly outpatient with many new patients and some inpatient consultations. Students have an opportunity to see a wide variety of endocrine disorders and participate in taking histories, physicals and evaluation of the lab results.


During the elective students attend service rounds on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, they have chance to participate in the consult service (3-5 new consults per day) for additional experience. They are also encouraged to join the following educational activities that take place weekly:



Tuesday (12:00-13:00): Multidisciplinary Wound Meeting


Tuesday (16:00-17:00): Multidisciplinary Endocrinology-Thyroid Disorders Meeting


Wednesday (8.00-9.00): Endocrinology Seminars


Wednesday (12.15-13.00): Internal Medicine Seminars


Thursday (16:00-17:00): Multidisciplinary Pituitary Meeting




During the elective course, students may participate in the research activities of the department and may continue with the research after the elective is over.







At the end of the elective a 5th year student will have a better understanding on endocrinology and diabetes. They will improve their knowledge, competencies and clinical skills including patient care and communication for common endocrine disorders of adults.



Specific objectives are:



Develop knowledge and skills of the participants to take a focused history of a patient with endocrine problem



Develop knowledge and skills of the participants to perform general physical examination



Develop knowledge and skills of the participants to perform differential diagnosis and order required diagnostic tests



Develop knowledge and skills of the participants for the treatment of endocrine disorders



Develop knowledge and skills of the participants for the follow-up of endocrine patients







Student’s knowledge, competencies including patient care, communication, and practice-based learning are observed throughout the elective. Feedback on these competencies is provided continuously.



Students are expected to present a topic and an article during the elective.



“KUSOM Clinical Performance Evaluation Form” is used for reporting.